YouTuber Ac7ionman arrested on multiple felony drug charges in Miami

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and Kick streamer Ac7ionman has been arrested on multiple felony drug charges in Miami, Florida, according to recently filed court documents.

Ac7ionman is a fairly prominent YouTuber and Kick streamer who is known for making a variety of content including gameplay videos, IRL broadcasts, and more. Across his YouTube, Kick, and Twitch channels, the influencer boasts a combined following of over 1 million fans.

Ac7ionman, legal name Aaron Travis, was arrested on numerous felony drug charges by Miami law enforcement on October 4, 2023.

According to publicly available court documents, Travis was booked on charges of felony firearm possession, unlawful use of a communications device, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, and possession with intent to sell.

Drugs included in the court filing were labeled as cocaine and 50 MG of tramadol.

At the time of writing, Travis is facing five felony charges as he is being held in Miami-Dade county jail.


Thus far, no other information has been provided about the arrest — but we’ll make sure to keep you updated right here on Dexerto if any developments occur.