Tectone & creators respond after Genshin Impact streamer’s “insane” claims against them

Meera Jacka
Gooser, Tectone, and Braxophone

Genshin Impact streamer ‘Atsu’ has been called out by multiple creators including ‘Tectone’ after claiming their actions led to him losing “absolutely everything”.

The drama within the Genshin Impact content creation sphere is continuing to rock the community after Twitch streamer Atsu revealed he was “quitting” due to “untrue” allegations.

In a 34-page document, Atsu detailed how he had hit “rock bottom” and named multiple creators who were allegedly involved in the drama, including ‘Braxophone‘, Tectone, ‘Gooser‘, and many more.

However, despite Atsu intending for the document to be a final conclusion to the situation, it has instead sparked a flurry of replies from those mentioned — and they are not impressed with what Atsu had to say. Read on to find out who responded.

Braxophone reveals he feels “gaslit” and “betrayed” by Atsu

Throughout Atsu’s document, Braxophone played the most significant part. After all, the online drama first began when Braxophone made multiple statements accusing Atsu of “gatekeeping” events held by Genshin Impact’s developer, HoYoverse.

While Atsu labeled these as “defamatory remarks” and denied there being any truth to them, he also stated he had sat down with Braxophone and cleared the air. But according to the latter, their discussion did not align with Atsu’s document.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Braxophone accused Atsu of “lying,” stating he felt “gaslit and betrayed” by what was written about him in the document; “All of this goes against what we spoke about one on one.”

He went on to include his own document in response to Atsu’s, in which he stated he was “genuinely sad” and felt his trust had been broken. Braxophone wrote, “Atsu’s document frames me to be a liar on all fronts… this contradicts what we spoke about publicly and privately.”

Continuing, Braxophone addressed every claim that both he and Atsu had previously made, before pressing on the significance Atsu’s opinion had in the community and explaining why he felt “ostracized” by the Genshin Impact streamer and his inner circle.

“Whether or not you think you do, your words carry an immense amount of weight… My mental health was spiraling every time there was any sort of HoYoverse official or unofficial event due to being explicitly left out and dragged behind the scenes.”

Tectone slams Atsu’s document as “bullsh**”

Tectone was also mentioned multiple times throughout Atsu’s document, accused of ‘spinning’ narratives to “content farm for drama” after being previously slammed for “harassing” the Genshin Impact streamer.

In hopes of providing “full content” on the situation, Tectone streamed on Twitch before posting to YouTube the three-hour response of him going through the entire document and discussing every claim Atsu made.

According to the OTK streamer, “None of this is about the HoYoverse contracts — all of this is about manipulating people from behind the scenes because that was proven.”

Tectone accused Atsu of “cherry-picking” to avoid speaking about the real issue and called his discussion on Braxophone “hypocritical”, saying, “You wonder why people lie and then you f****** lie.”

He also denied he had “manipulated” any narrative throughout the drama, unlike what the “disappointing” 34-page document stated; “I don’t know what the f*** this guy’s talking about, but I have proof of everything I f****** say.”

Calling Atsu “delusional”, “ignorant”, and “so wrong”, Tectone continued to express frustration over the assertions made about him and stated the drama was “f****** insane.”

“The same guy who says that drama is bad is actively advocating to make drama content to lecture other creators… F*** Atsu, f*** all them, f*** it all… I’m done with that sh**.”

Gooser accuses Atsu of spreading “misinformation”

While not mentioned in length like Braxophone and Tectone, Twitch streamer Gooser was also named and addressed in Atsu’s document, accused of “talking sh**” and being “two-faced.”

Gooser posted to X to deny this, and expressed confusion over the allegations; “I never brought your name up ever again on my stream unless it was in a good light and said that I hope you recover and do well and that I genuinely am glad we could squash all our beef.”

“I have matured. But you clearly have not,” Gooser continued, writing that although he wished “no ill will” on Atsu, he did want the streamer to “keep my name out your f****** mouth.”

“Don’t take others down with you when you fall the hardest,” he said, with a follow-up post revealing Gooser didn’t plan on making a video addressing the document. “That’s just farming content out of drama which I have never loved and hate being [a part] of.”