Honkai Star Rail players demand ‘worst 5-star’ Himeko get buffed

Cassidy Stephenson
An image of Himeko in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail players have declared Himeko the gacha title’s ‘worst 5-star’ and want the character to get buffed.

At the time of writing, there are nine playable 5-stars on the Honkai Star Rail roster. Currently, Quantum character Seele’s banner is live until May 17, 2023. Next, Jing Yuan will run from May 17, 2023, to June 6, 2023.

Among the 5-star characters, Himeko is a Fire user on the Path of The Erudition. Despite her being A-tier, users are worried that other characters will quickly outpower her. Therefore, she may be at the bottom of the playable 5-star options.

Honkai Star Rail players want the game to buff Himeko

Honkai Star Rail Himeko official artwork
Himeko has a number of powerful Fire abilities.

Reddit user Sinful-Orange announced their least favorite 5-star option on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit. According to the OP, Himeko is ranked last in usefulness compared to other 5-star characters. Consequently, Sinful-Orange wished Himeko would receive a buff.

However, the OP may be out of luck, considering MiHoYo’s past practices with buffs.

“MiHoYo doesn’t really do buffs/nerfs so it’s not gonna happen, what will probably happen is that we will get more encounters where her aoe is valuable in the future,” faintestsmile wrote.

“Hoyo NEVER buffs charactaers post-release. It’s honestly really frustrating,” Wiwade remarked.

“Himeko deserves a buff not because she’s (arguably) the worst 5* but because she’s a queen and she deserves the world,” TheGlassesGuy asserted.

Amid players’ complaints about Himeko, Genshin Impact players are reminded of Dehya and her ineffectiveness. On April 12, the Pyro vision holder joined the Standard Banner – but some Genshin users were far from pleased. They couldn’t fathom losing a 50/50 on an Event Banner to the underwhelming Claymore user.

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