#FixDehya trending as Genshin Impact players demand buffs

Dehya in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

Genshin Impact fans are flocking to Twitter to share their frustrations over Dehya’s broken kit, leading to #FixDehya trending on the social media platform. 

The release of Dehya in the Genshin Impact 3.5 update has been far from smooth. In fact, many Travelers have revealed that the 5-star Pyro character’s kit features numerous collision issues and problems that stop her from working properly. 

If that wasn’t enough, Dehya’s abilities are rather lacking in both their damage and delivery. Renowned Genshin Impact Twitch streamer, Zy0xxx, previously noted just how little damage the new 5-star does when compared to other characters in the game

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This is obviously incredibly frustrating for players that have spent their hard-earned Primogems on her current banner. It’s because of these problems that Travelers have taken to Twitter and created the viral #FixDehya hashtag. 

Dehya’s kit has caused such a stir online, that Travelers have even come up with their very own Dehya fixes that aim to help buff mercenary’s DPS. The post outlines how increasing the damage on Dehya’s Elemental Skill would enable her to Burgeon more effectively, while her Burst attacks should be converted to Normal attacks. 

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This would enable Dehya to work with characters like Yelan, Xingqui, Fischl, and more. As of writing, her ultimate disappears once she leaves the battlefield or jumps in combat, which makes her unsuitable in a number of teams. When you combine this with the frustrating collision issues with her kit and meager damage, you have a rather lackluster 5-star release. 

“I just feel so sorry for the lore and design department who made a wonderful work with Dehya ruined by the kit/balancing one,” wrote one player. Elsewhere, the Genshin Impact news account SYP gave a brief rundown as to why Dehya desperately needs fixing.

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“From her C6 breaking her signature weapon passive to jumping canceling her Burst, to collision with stationary objects unnaturally shortening her Burst duration – she has issues that need to be addressed, above and beyond poor balancing.” 

Currently, players are signing the Genshin Impact feedback form in the hopes that HoYoverse will rectify the issues surrounding Dehya’s kit, so hopefully, the developers will fix her sooner rather than later. 

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