Honkai Star Rail player notices Death Stranding Easter Egg item

Cassidy Stephenson
Honkai Star rail player finds Death Stranding Easter Egg

A Honkai Star Rail player was shocked by a specific item that referenced the video game Death Stranding.

Since its launch in late April 2023, Honkai Star Rail has collected a massive fanbase. In just one day, the gacha game earned 20 million downloads – surpassing Genshin Impact’s previous record.

Honkai Star Rail’s popularity also translated over to its limited-time character banners. Upon launch, so many users pulled for Jing Yuan that it broke the Chinese server’s payment system. The Lightning character marked only the second 5-star banner.

Considering Honkai Star Rail’s player count continues to grow, more people are noticing references to other franchises. Here’s where one user found a nod toward Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Honkai Star Rail player finds dangerous Death Stranding bomb

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Reddit user hiero_ posted a screenshot of a mysterious Mission Item on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit. Players can obtain the object by interacting with the packages lying around in Xianzhou Luofu. The image shows the “Mini-Neutron Bomb” the game describes as a “small nuclear weapon.”

Despite the Mini-Neutron Bomb’s apparent dangerous property, Honkai Star Rail users are unsure what to do with it. However, the description suggests tossing the Mission Item into a lake.

While some players expressed confusion over the Mini-Neutron Bomb, others recognized it as a Death Stranding Easter Egg. In one of Death Stranding’s quests, the main character got rid of a nuclear weapon in a lake.

“Next time someone tries to Jarilio-VI us, we know what to do,” ExistentialSugarcane wrote. “All we need to do is find a nice, place to hide something.”

“I mean… We already had a nuke inside us, what more harm could carrying another one do?,” MuffinMakyr asked.

Honkai Star Rail lacks the appropriate body of water despite the item’s instructions. However, it’s possible the question may be answered in the gacha game’s Version 1.1 update.