Honkai Star Rail players break the payment system after new banner

Cassidy Stephenson
Jing Yuan Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players have crashed the payment system used to buy Oneric Shards after Jing Yuan’s banner was released.

On May 17, the 5-star character Jing Yuan’s banner went live on Honkai Star Rail. However, considering the different time zones, the Lightning Arbiter-General hasn’t launched for everyone yet.

Jing Yuan, who is on the Path of The Erudition, replaced Seele as this update’s second and last 5-star banner. Following his debut, Honkai Star Rail players have broken the top-up page where people buy Oneric Shards.

After buying Oneric Shards, players convert them to Special Star Rail Passes to wish on Event Banners. Consequently, the financial success of Jing Yuan’s event just might perform better than Seele.

Honkai Star Rail Players break the bank for Jing Yuan

A screenshot of Jing Yuan from Honkai Star Rail

Reddit user HereisarchQin posted a screenshot of HoYoverse’s announcement on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit. Merely minutes after Jing Yuan’s banner went live in China, the game’s shop crashed. In addition to Jing Yuan, whales have also rolled for the 4-stars Tingyun, March 7th, and Sushang.

In the comment section, several Honkai users compared Asta’s spending problem to the current situation. “China really went the Asta route and picked the [Transfer] 200,000,000 option,” R3dHeady referenced.

“They straight up broke the payment system in China due to too much consecutive payments happening at the same time…Hoyo couldn’t handle them,” LizzieHearts1 wrote. “Actual king ****, Jing Yuan. Genuinely wasn’t expecting that from you.”

“That’s actually a huge achievement, I don’t think any other game has done this so far including Genshin, massive star rail W,” LivingASlothsLife recalled.

Whether the upcoming characters Kafka and Yukong will be able to achieve such hype remains to be seen, but in the meantime, check out our article to discover the best Jing Yuan build. That is – if you’re lucky enough to pull him or the payment system doesn’t break again.

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