Honkai Star Rail player discovers the science behind Warp Trotter’s escape

Cassidy Stephenson
Warp Trotter in Honkai Star Rail

A Honkai Star Rail player found out the method to the Warp Trotters’ madness regarding their escape from battle.

Honkai Star Rail scatters chests throughout worlds like the Administrative District and Boulder Town. While users know how many chests are in each area, they are clueless about their specific location. Also, players can find and take down Warp Trotters for additional rewards.

Warp Trotters are special enemies that grant 60 Stellar Jade when defeated. However, users must defeat the Warp Trotter before it runs away. Prior to escaping, a Honkai Star Rail player noticed a scientific formula during combat.

Honkai Star Rail Warp Trotter acts as Treasure Chest

honkai star rail administrative district chests

A Reddit user posted their interesting scientific discovery on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit. As seen in the attached image, the Warp Trotter says a series of numbers and letters when close to running away.

Upon research, the Honkai Star Rail user found out the sequence was the formula of the Schwarzchild radius. According to the screenshot, “the radius at which mass has an escape velocity equal to the speed of light.” Therefore, anything smaller than the Schwarzchild radius is a black hole.

“I feel so bad killing these things,” one player confessed. “It’s scared and cute… so I’m partially happy when it escapes. But then again, I need to kill it. Dilemma.”

“If these things didn’t want to be killed, then they wouldn’t drop star jade and count as a chest on the map,” another user wrote.

Besides a nod to a real-life scientific formula, Honkai Star Rail players have come across a terrifying Easter egg.

While exploring the Goethe Hotel on Jarlo VI, users meet face-to-face with two twin sisters at the end of the hallway. The discovery resembled the frightening duo from Stephen King’s ‘The Shining.’ Other tidbits like interactive trash cans have been less of a nightmare, though.

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