Honkai Star Rail players freaked out by ‘The Shining’ easter egg

Carver Fisher
Honkai Star Rail The Shining easter egg

Unsuspecting Honkai Star Rail players exploring the Goethe Hotel on Jarilo VI have encountered an easter egg that’s a direct reference to ‘The Shining’, one that’s freaking them out and catching them by surprise.

While Honkai Star Rail may not have the expansive open world of its counterpart in Genshin Impact, it does have a great deal of secrets hidden in the nooks and crannies of its many areas.

There are few games that can boast they’ve got trash cans with lore, that’s for sure. Players have been hard at work in finding all the game’s secrets.

When exploring the Goethe Hotel on Jarilo VI, players noticed that they were eavesdropping on some alarming conversations. Players realized exactly what was happening in the hotel: It was a ‘The Shining’ easter egg, complete with the two twin sisters at the end of a hallway.

Honkai Star Rail players discover terrifying easter egg

Easter eggs in games tend to be fun little references to other media or inside jokes amongst developers. Even in the scariest of games, they tend to be light-hearted additions left there for players to find.

Honkai Star Rail is no different, with tons of little secrets and references littered throughout the game world. But one easter egg in particular that pays direct homage to ‘The Shining’ has players shaking in their boots.

It isn’t just a small easter egg, though. The lead-up to the encounter with the twins has a ton of dialogue related to the original film and book.

Here’s just one excerpt of the many interactions: “The room is full of a woman’s sobs. She seems to be pleading with someone else in the room. Her voice is far too strained, making it impossible to figure out what she is saying, but you can feel her unease and terror. Then, a rough, unpleasant voice says hauntingly, ‘Danny isn’t here, Mrs. Torrance.’ The woman seems in shock. Her incessant cries abruptly stop.” Spooky.

This all leads up to an encounter with twins similar to those in ‘The Shining’. While it isn’t complete with blood flowing from an elevator, it’s close enough.

For those who want to experience this easter egg for themselves, travel to the Goethe Hotel on Jarilo VI and investigate every door in the hall. Once you’ve done it, a cutscene will automatically trigger an encounter with the twins.

Whether it be sheer terror or appreciation for homage to one of their favorite films, this easter egg has certainly garnered reactions from Honkai Star Rail players. Just be careful in the Goethe Hotel. You never know what’s lurking in those halls…