Honkai Star Rail has an interactive garbage can with lore and unique rewards

Jeremy Gan

Honkai Star Rail has a literal garbage can that players can interact with to gain unique rewards as well as to uncover new lore, and players are absolutely loving it. 

miHoYo has just released the long-awaited Honkai Star Rail for all gacha fans to enjoy. However, it seems the devs have put a considerable amount of effort into the lore, and in particular, its garbage cans. Yes, you read that correctly.

Just days after its release, players are discovering that every single garbage can in the world can be interacted with. And there are thousands of unique dialogue lines and even unique rewards to gain from doing so.

Since the game is still fresh, there isn’t an official list of all the rewards you can potentially get from interacting with a garbage can just yet. But players have so far found rewards can range from getting Ancient Coins to garbage bags.

Additionally, with the rewards, the devs have put a level of detail rarely seen in games. Every single trash can has its own unique dialogue lines. Most of the dialogue focuses on detailed descriptions of the trash can akin to Disco Elysium, with each trash can having multiple lines.

“You take a good look at it. The inside of this trash can is dust-free and perfectly dark. It’s the kind of pure darkness that surrounds IX in a nebula of dark matter” reads one interaction.

Another interaction sees a trash can slowly seducing you, as you begin to fall in love with it. 

In fact, according to some users, if you interact with enough trash cans around the Overworld, at some point you’ll be insulted by them for spending too much time interacting with literal garbage. 

Naturally, Honkai fans are absolutely loving this odd attention to detail by miHoYo. 

Many a meme and fanart has been posted to the Honkai Star Rail subreddit already, with fans talking about how they have been absolutely sucked in by the trash can’s dialogue lines. 

But for those who may get tired of the meta and lurid descriptions of trash cans, the devs also wrote similarly descriptive lines for closets, stalls, and other everyday objects you can interact with.