xQc slams Hogwarts Legacy boycotters after making streamer cry on Twitch

xqc slams hogwarts legacy boycottersTwitch/xQc/Portkey Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel defended streamers who are playing Hogwarts Legacy after users harassed Girlfriend Reviews to tears over streaming the new Harry Potter game.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has proven to be quite the noisy one, with many fans upset with JK Rowling’s alleged transphobic comments calling for a boycott of the game.

The drama soon spread to Twitch where some streamers spoke out against ads for the game running on the platform, while others even created a website to track who had streamed the Wizard game.

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Many users entered Girlfriend Reviews’ chat where they berated the duo, resulting in a distressed Shelby leaving the room in tears.

Now, xQc has entered the fray and is calling people out over the treatment of streamers playing.

xQc responds to Hogwarts Legacy boycotters berating streamers

During his own playthrough of the game, xQc shared his take on the ongoing drama, prefacing that people would “hate him” for what he was about to say.

“People fund all sorts of evil with their purchases across the board in way worse ways than you can even imagine,” he began.

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This is a reference to how JK Rowling will make money off Hogwarts Legacy, something that many opposed to the game don’t want to support.

“Now you’re trying to make people feel bad for f**king purchasing a video game?” he raged.

“Bro, you need to s**k my balls. F**king libt**d andys.”

xQc is not the first content creator to respond to the boycott, with Asmongold also voicing his frustrations. Many have called out the website listing streamers who broadcast the title and the abuse Girlfriend Reviews faced.

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