Anti-Hogwarts Legacy site shows if a Twitch streamer has streamed the game

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A new website is letting those opposed to playing Hogwarts Legacy see which Twitch streamers have played the game, so they can be unfollowed.

Update: As of February 7, the website has been taken down by its owner. Read more about the site’s closure here.

Original story below…

The backlash around Hogwarts Legacy due to JK Rowling’s alleged transphobic comments has reached a boiling point as the game releases.

While numerous groups have boycotted the game over Rowling’s divisive comments, some are taking things to another level by opposing Hogwarts Legacy ads airing on Twitch.

Now, even streamers who broadcast their playthroughs to the game are in the crosshairs of boycotters as a new website shows users who has streamed the game.

hogwarts site
Users can see which Twitch streamers have streamed Hogwarts Legacy.

Website lets Hogwarts Legacy boycotters unfollow streamers

A website created by Sam Gibbs titled ‘havetheystreamedthatwizardgame’ allows Twitch viewers to see how many times a streamer has streamed the game and who on their following list has broadcasted it.

The website in question does not mention Hogwarts Legacy by name, but when we tested it, it worked for the Harry Potter game.

“Thank you for this. I don’t feel comfortable with people who support this game and I do NOT want to support people who don’t value my trans friends and family,” one user who visited the site commented.

Although some users have been using the site to unfollow certain streamers, not everyone is on board with it.

YouTuber LegacyKilla called out the site, saying that the backlash to the game “is getting ridiculous.”

The site is facing some backlash – with others saying it reminded them to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy.

In any case, with the game fast approaching, it’s ultimately up to individuals if they want to play it or not. You can read our full review here.

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