Asmongold slams Hogwarts Legacy boycotters for “shaming” fans of Harry Potter game

asmongold talks hogwarts legacy boycottersTwitch/Asmongold/Portkey Games

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold is accusing people boycotting Hogwarts Legacy of being “unreasonable” for shaming Harry Potter fans excited for the game.

Hogwarts Legacy will finally be released in February and while many Harry Potter fans have been looking forward to exploring the wizarding school, JK Rowling’s controversial comments have split the fandom.

Those upset with what has been described as transphobic remarks by Rowling have called for a boycott of the game, not wanting the Harry Potter creator to make any money off the franchise she created.

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In a recent video, Asmongold explained why he believes those calling for the boycott are going about things the wrong way and are only hurting their cause.

Asmongold calls Hogwarts Legacy boycotters “unreasonable”

According to the Twitch star, those who are “forcing” others who don’t care about the JK Rowling controversy to agree with them are just making those people disagree more.

“People just want to play a video game, they don’t give a f**k!” the streamer exclaimed. “They’re a school bus driver and they have to deal with sh*t all day everyday, you think they want to come home and read about how they’re a bad person, because they’re playing a video game?”

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(segment begins at 6:54)

The streamer went on to compare Hogwarts Legacy to the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar and how some people boycotted it citing human rights abuses. For Asmongold, choosing not to watch is fine when it’s an individual choice.

“The problem is whenever these people are so self-righteous that they think they have the moral authority to sit around and tell everybody else what they have to do too. And then they try to shame other people for enjoying something,” he explained.

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Asmongold went on to call those demanding others to boycott “losers” who have “no sense of perspective in the world.”

Despite users voicing their displeasure for Hogwarts Legacy online, it seems like the game will still be very successful and is already a top-selling Steam game weeks before launch.