Hogwarts Legacy’s OP cabbage build makes you the most powerful wizard

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A player of Hogwarts Legacy found a build that turns your wizard into a “cabbage guru” with green companions that eat Trolls in seconds.

Hogwarts Legacy features an impressive assortment of spells, magical gadgets, and other items from the iconic franchise. But one weapon, that is often overlooked, seems to outshine all the others… a cabbage.

Chinese Chomping Cabbage and other magical plants you can acquire in the game like the Mandragora are reportedly extremely powerful and offer a completely different way to play.

One fan of the game, “CumboJumbo“, has revealed a build that will turn your wizard into a “Cabbage guru.”

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Player explains how to become OP thanks to cabbages

Jumbo went on to explain in his Reddit post that putting the Herbology 3 trait on all your clothing and picking up the Fertilizer talent from the Room of Requirement would offer a huge damage boost to the Chinese Chomping Cabbage.

The Fertilizer talent doubles the amount of Cabbages that spawn when you use the plant, granting you 24 Cabbages total since you can hold 12 at once in your inventory.

Then it’s a simple matter of restocking at the farm you can build in the Room of Requirement every couple of fights and you are good to go.

Another user pointed out that you can make this setup even stronger still: “You can use all of your plants while stealthed without it breaking stealth, making this build even stronger when you combine it with stealth perks”.

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YouTuber “Rognarr Atheo” put his own spin on the build by bringing Edurus Potion to tank enemies for his cabbages, and sporadically using Mandrakes to stun large groups of enemies.

His video truly showcases just how destructive the cabbages are, eating Trolls in an arena fight in mere seconds.

Hogwarts Legacy has only been out for a couple of days but players’ imaginations are already running rampant coming up with creative uses for their entire magical arsenal.