Twitch streamers ready to boycott over Hogwarts Legacy ads

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Twitch streamers are planning to boycott the Amazon-owned platform after Hogwarts Legacy advertisements have appeared across the site as the game prepares to release.

As we’re now into February, Hogwarts Legacy’s release is right around the corner. However, many have already shown their intentions to boycott the wizarding world due to J.K. Rowling’s association.

Rowling, who is the controversial author of the Harry Potter series, has faced numerous accusations of making transphobic comments in the past — causing distaste for the new title among the gaming community.

With Twitch also advertising Hogwarts Legacy across the site, streamers are now planning to boycott the Amazon-owned platform until the campaign is over.

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Twitch streamers boycott platform over Hogwarts Legacy ads

Transgender streamer and Twitch ambassador ‘Nikatine‘ is one of many creators affected by Rowling’s alleged transphobic comments.

With the platform also advertising the game, the streamer is now intending to boycott Twitch and is calling on others to do the same.

“On Saturday, Feburary 4th, I was made aware of the extensive and blatant ad campaign for Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch, utilizing and interrupting streams to promote this offensive product,” she wrote in a statement on Twitter.

“Hogwarts Legacy is a product ultimately funding JK Rowling, whose well-documented stance on trans people remains firmly rooted in a callous disregard for human life.”

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The streamer continued: “Therefore, I will not be streaming to Twitch while this ad campaign remains active. I call on every streamer to join me in taking a stance against bigotry, hatred, and those who support such views.

“I call on Twitch to end this harmful relationship with Hogwarts Legacy, and continue to take steps towards providing a safe place for the trans community.”

The tweet has amassed close to 60k likes at the time of writing, with many from streamers from the community showing their support for the boycott.

Developers Avalanche Software have assured fans that Rowling had no part in creating the game, but was noted that they “collaborated closely” with the author’s team throughout the development.

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It’s also expected that Rowling will receive royalties from the Hogwarts Legacy’s sales.