Hearthstone players worried Death Knight cards are “overpowered” ahead of launch

Lawrence Scotti
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Hearthstone players are worried that the new Death Knight class will be too powerful when the new expansion March of the Lich King launches.

March of the Lich King is shaping up to be the biggest expansion opening in the history of Hearthstone.

The biggest addition that’s coming with the expansion is the addition of a new class, Death Knight. The icy warriors from Northrend use blood, frost, and unholy runes to rack up Corpses and deliver huge damage to their opponents.

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While the cards have been slowly revealed leading up to the expansion’s launch, players are worried the class will be overpowered when it officially releases.

March of the Lich King Death Knight class could be overpowered

As developer Blizzard Entertainment has shown off the new Death Knight cards, many players of the popular Collectible Card Game have noticed that their spells and minions are just better versions of other classes.

One Reddit user pointed out how similar the DK spell Remorseless Winter is to the Paladin’s Consecration spell.

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The powerful spell had one player worried that DK could be a repeat of Demon Hunter when it launches, which instantly was the best class in the game when it was released back in 2020.

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They labeled Demon Hunter “overpowered” at the time, and said, “I expected Death Knight to take a similar path. Will it be strong on release? Oh, without a doubt. You need strong cards to make a class exciting. But will it completely negate the need for Paladin and Mage? I really doubt it.”

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Of course, there are obvious differences between these spells, the major one being that Remorselewss Winter demands one Frost Rune be spent on it during the deck-building process, which could be a major drawback.

However, there are enough strong spells and minions revealed so far to rightfully have players worried.

Another card that’s giving players caution is the Stitched Giant. The new Undead minion is an 8 Mana, 8 attack that has its cost reduced by one based on how many Corpses you’ve spent during the match.

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Hearthstone players in the comments are already predicting the card will get nerfed before launch: “I’m guessing this will get a higher mana cost in the future since spending corpses seems like a really easy condition to fulfill.”

With so many new cards being revealed for the Death Knight class, dedicated players are guessing the developers don’t want a repeat of the Demon Hunter fiasco and will try to nerf some of the cards before the official launch hits live servers.

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