Hearthstone March of the Lich King devs reveal their favorite new cards

Lawrence Scotti
arthas lich king

Hearthstone March of the Lich King is bringing the Death Knight class to the digital card game as well as 200 new cards into standard mode. We spoke with the developers behind the expansion about what their favorite new cards are.

March of the Lich King is arguably the biggest and most important expansion in the history of Hearthstone.

While there have been plenty of meaty expansions released in the game’s eight-year history, none come close to the magnitude of March of the Lich King, which delivers a whole new hero class in the Death Knight, a new keyword, over 200 new cards in total, dual-minion types, and the first-ever neutral-legendary spell.

With so many new cards on the way, we sat down with Hearthstone’s features lead Chadd Nervig, and modes design lead Matt London to find out what their favorite news cards are.

March of the Lich King devs reveal their favorite new cards

Matt London was quick to pick his favorite card of the new expansion, one that is actually available right now for free to players who log in to Hearthstone.

“For me, it’s The Sunwell. It’s our first neutral Legendary spell, and as a neutral spell, this opens up a lot of possibilities. The card fills your hand with spells and its cost scales depending on the number of cards in your hand. It’s really, really powerful.”

London continued, “There are so many possibilities with it. It’s gonna take me a while to build a Sunwell deck with every single class. There are 11 classes now, so that’s a lot to go through.”

the sunwell hearthstone
The Sunwell is the first neutral Legendary spell in Hearthstone.

Matt theorized what a Demon Hunter deck would look like where “you get to draw all these small spells that buff your hero attack. What’s the rogue one? How broken could that possibly be? There’s tons of possibilities there.”

For Chadd, he narrowed in on a new Legendary Death Knight minion that’s sure to turn heads. Although he admitted it’s hard to choose just “one favorite child,” he had to go with Overseer Frigidara.

“It’s a Frost-Legendary minion that draws two spells, so it’s very useful for building combo archetypes to get your combo pieces. It also deals two damage to all enemies to help you not fall behind on the board.”

He continued, “And, the visual on it is just super exciting to me. It’s one of my favorite visuals that we added to Death Knight.”

hearthstone death knight
Overseer Frigidara premieres in March of the Lich King.

Nervig explained it feels “very frosty, in a way that’s very Death Knight, but different in the ways that Shaman and Mage use Frost.”

With so many new cards to choose from, it was hard for the lead developers to pick just one of them.

However, the ones they settled on will certainly shape the future meta of the popular digital card game.