Disguised Toast pulls off insane achievement in Hearthstone return

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang pulled off an insane achievement in his emphatic Hearthstone return, hitting Legend rank in less than three days despite not playing ‘seriously’.

Disguised Toast has come a long way since his early days of being predominately known as a Hearthstone player. Now, he’s one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers and a pillar of the OfflineTV group.

However, he returned to his roots on February 19 by jumping back into Hearthstone. Not only did he prove he’s still got it by hitting Legend rank in less than three days, but he also did it without taking himself too seriously.

DisguisedToast Twitch screenshot
Disguised Toast burst onto the streaming scene as a talented Hearthstone player.

“Damn! Less than a week,” he said in excitement after beating his opponent. “I’m back in Hearthstone Constructed, and I’m the 5999th best player in the world!”

For longtime fans of Toast, it’s a throwback many thought would never come.

“I just played Hearthstone ironically. It wasn’t a serious thing, but you know I needed to come back and flex a little bit.” He also said the game felt much faster than it used to be, describing the pace as “insane”.

Still, he loved every minute of it: “It was fun having a challenge again. To have a goal and be like, I’m going to try to reach this goal. I did have fun. Something about Hearthstone and me just makes for entertaining content.”

At the height of his Hearthstone career, Toast placed highly in tournaments across the world, including winning the Red Bull Team Brawl in 2017.

A lot has changed for him since then. However, he’s still got what it takes to be one of the best players in the world — the top 6000, to be exact.