Snip3down claims Halo Infinite stint is “most disrespected” he’s been in pro career

FaZe Clan Snip3down playing Halo infiniteHCS

Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is a legend in both Halo and Apex Legends. Leaving the battle royale for his roots, the 31-year-old’s future is now unclear after claiming the first year of Halo Infinite was the “most disrespected” he’s been in pro play.

Snip3down first made a name for himself in Halo, winning over 20 majors in a career that spanned a decade.

However, he gave it all up to play Apex Legends, Respawn’s battle royale. He only further continued his legacy there, winning championships with TSM and Rogue.

He swapped back in time for Halo Infinite. Now though, his future is uncertain. There are rumors of him going every which way, and Snip3down has been rather candid about his experiences in Halo Infinite. After a disastrous first year for the arena shooter’s big return, he doesn’t see himself committing as hard as he did in 2023.

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“I would never put in the time I put in this year again, to Halo,” he said on stream. “Take that for what you will.

“People were giving chants for me and so many people were coming up to me wanting to meet me. I had so many young fans, it was awesome. But streaming Halo is the least enjoyable experience I ever had gaming.”

It wasn’t just the casual experience ⁠— although that’s been noted by pros and regular players alike. He just didn’t have a good time competing, with issues making it a chore to play.

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“I haven’t been more disrespected in my competitive career than in this last year playing Halo. Not even f**king kidding,” he added.

These comments come amid rumors swirling of Snip3down returning to Apex Legends in a more official capacity.

He previously teased a return to competitive Apex, stating back in May a move was “in the works”. He has since played a number of tournaments alongside former TSM member Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith, plus ‘SlurpeeG’ as a third.

A recent loan to eUnited ahead of the HCS Championship 2022 might indicate he’s still trying to make it work in the arena shooter he made a name for himself in. However, with the ALGS 2022-23 season around the corner, and HCS wrapping up for the year, there’s still time for Snip3 to make a decision on his home for the next year.

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