How to fix Halo Infinite blue screen error

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has launched, but some players’ experience is being marred by a new bug. Here’s how to fix the Halo Infinite blue screen error. 

Some players are launching Halo Infinite’s multiplayer only to be greeted by a light blue screen rather than the iconic orchestral music we all expect when we boot up a Halo game.

The good news is 343 Industries are aware of the issue and have taken steps to resolve it, but some people are still seeing the error. Here’s what to do if you experience Halo Infinite’s blue screen error.


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Halo Infinite’s day one experience is miles ahead of its industry rivals.

Fixing Halo Infinite’s blue screen error

When the blue screen appears, it’s persistent and doesn’t go away. It will essentially stay there until you do something else on your Xbox. Luckily, you’ll still have access to your dashboard, so you’ll be able to close the application or turn the console off as normal.

In response to the issue when it was first reported, Halo’s official support account tweeted, “Please be patient, Spartans! We’re aware of an issue where players are hitting a blue screen upon trying to launch #HaloInfinite.”

343 suggested that players turn their console on and off then try again. This appeared to work for a lot of players. Some players uninstalled then reinstalled the game with success, but you shouldn’t need to go that far.

That’s because Microsoft have released a patch to resolve the issue, so turning the console on and off should be enough to trigger the update to download and install. Therefore, we’d recommend doing this before uninstalling Halo Infinite.

What if you continue to see the blue screen error

Since the patch was released, Halo infinite’s blue screen error seems to have mostly gone away. In the unlikely event that you see it, reset your console to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of the software.

If the problem persists, 343 have advised players to raise a ticket with their technical support team.

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