Halo Infinite teaser shows off weapons and armor ahead of E3

Halo Infinite teaser artwork343 Industries

New Halo Infinite artwork has been published ahead of the Xbox and Bethesda E3 games showcase and it shows off a variety of armor and weapons.

Halo Infinite is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2021 and fans are counting down the days until Xbox’s E3 showcase, where more details on the title are going to be revealed.

Very little information has been shared about Halo Infinite since the Xbox Games Showcase back in July of 2020. Although the event certainly got the gaming community excited for the triple-A title, the developers received a lot of backlash over the graphics shown in the gameplay reveal.

Since then, 343 Industries have improved and evolved the appearance of Halo Infinite and are expected to reveal the game at E3 on June 13.

Despite this, a piece of artwork for the game has been released earlier than expected, showing off a number of weapons and armor sets.

Halo Infinite artwork tease343 Industries
Rumors are circulating that Halo Infinite will release with a BR mode.

Halo Infinite artwork teaser showcases weapons and armor

For a lot of Halo fans, their love of the franchise stems from the incredible weapon choice and armor customization. By the looks of it, Halo Infinite is looking to follow in the footsteps of the previous games and deliver exactly that.

A new piece of artwork for the title published by Klobrille on Twitter has given fans a detailed look at some of the armor choices and in-game weapons.

The teaser itself shows off four Spartans in different types of armor, all wielding different weapons from the Halo Universe. These include the Sidekick Pistol shown off in the demo back in July of 2020, the CQS48 Bulldog, and of course, the MA40.

While some fans are taking the artwork as a teaser for the multiplayer side of the game, it’s likely 343 are just using the image to show off a few of the game’s armor sets and weapon options.

It’s obvious the developers are looking to please the Halo fans of old and are not making too many drastic changes when it comes to the appearance of Halo Infinite.

For now, it’s just a waiting game until June 13 where hopefully, 343 will reveal when and what we’re doing next in the Halo Universe.