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Halo Infinite players slam ranked playlist for “cursed” reward system

Published: 27/Dec/2021 23:53

by Jaret Kappelman


Halo Infinite players have been grinding to reach Onyx in ranked, but some are losing their drive as they feel that the ELO system isn’t rewarding properly.

When Halo Infinite was released on November 15, players were ecstatic to find out that it came with a ranked ladder system.

This playlist allows Spartans to queue up into a competitive environment, fight through the ranks, and reach the top tier.

Even though the ladder has been active for over a month, players are starting to lose their motivation and are frustrated as they are only getting one point a win.

Halo Infinite players upset with ranked ELO system

While over 100,000 players grind Halo Infinite, many seem annoyed by the results from the ranked. Sean Finnegan was amongst the crowd voicing their frustrations on Twitter about Halo’s poorly designed CSR (Competitive Skill Rank) system.


He claimed that he has gone 17-8 in his last 25 matches but still netted a 10 CSR points loss in his overall rating.

Fellow Spartan ‘Bosco’ had a whole thread on how annoying it is to grind Halo Infinite Ranked. Bosco had a 68% win rate in their last 100 matches but still fell out of Onyx. They said this is due to receiving only a single point per win. They reported this only started happening after reaching the highest rank.

Other people chimed in with the same problem after achieving Onyx: “Literally getting 3 ELO for winning and going 30-15, but losing 15 ELO when I lose with the same scoreline.”


It seems that the common ground has been set around people not receiving anything close to half of the points they do when they lose. If they only get three points for a win that means they need to have over an 80% win rate to go up.

People are losing their drive to play and are threatening to quit the FPS if this “ELO hell” makes it becomes impossible to climb.