Halo Infinite Ranked system explained: Game modes, tiers & rules

Alex Garton
Halo Infinite Ranked explained
343 Industries

Halo Infinite multiplayer has arrived with a Ranked mode giving players the opportunity to rise up through the tiers, but how does it work?

Halo Infinite is a competitive game at its heart and with so many players looking to show off their skills, 343 Industries decided to include a Ranked mode at launch.

As the system in Halo Infinite has been overhauled since Halo 5, a lot of the community is unfamiliar with how Ranked works in the latest title.

So, if you’re looking to ascend to the top of the Halo ladder and prove you’re one of the best in the game, it’s important you know exactly how Ranked operates.


Halo Infinite Ranked Arena modes & rules

Halo Infinite Ranked system
343 Industries
Halo Infinite multiplayer went live on November 15.

When it comes to Ranked in Halo Infinite, 343 has stripped out a lot of the extra features from standard matches to make a more streamlined and skill-based experience.

For starters, Combat Sensors are disabled at all times and Grenade markers are turned off. Not only that, friendly fire is on and players will always start with just a Battle Rifle, meaning you’ll have to gather gear from static item spawns.

The devs have also kept it simple when it comes to Ranked game modes, with every Arena match being one of four modes, these being:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Oddball
  • Strongholds
  • Slayer

Keep in mind, when jumping into Ranked you’ll be playing against Halo Infinite’s hardcore player base, so be ready for a challenge.

Halo Infinite Ranked tiers in order

Halo Infinite Ranked tiers
343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s campaign arrives on December 8.

Before ascending the ladder, players must complete 10 placement matches to receive their starter rank, from there you’ll play against opponents of a similar skill level.

In total, there are six overall tiers in Halo Infinite and each of them excluding the final top rank is divided into six subcategories. You can check them out below:

  • Bronze: I – VI
  • Silver: I – VI
  • Gold: I – VI
  • Platinum: I – VI
  • Diamond: I – VI
  • Onyx

Both the outcome of a match and your personal performance will determine how you go up or down in Ranked, so consistency will always be important.

Although Ranked Arenas are incredibly fun, we recommend getting some practice in the standard multiplayer before jumping into the action. That way, you’ll be warmed up and one step ahead of the competition.