Halo Infinite esports teams announced: Cloud9, FaZe, Envy, more

Jaret Kappelman

The Halo Championship Series is officially making a return with Halo Infinite Partnered Teams. Orgs like Cloud9, FaZe, and Envy are among the nine that are joining the HCS. Fans can also look forward to customized in-game content for the partner teams.

Halo esports is finally coming back after a long hiatus. With teams announcing they are set to bring high-caliber rosters to the game, it is shaping out to be a very competitive scene.

Partner teams are involved to help HCS hit the ground running with Infinite, but will have no advantage over other teams that are competing. Instead, they are worked with 343 Industries to provide more stability and financial strength.

Here is everything you need to know about the new partnered teams, and what is coming to Halo Infinite esports.

Halo Esports is coming back later in 2021.

Halo Championship Series Partnered Teams

Halo esports is coming back with nine partnered teams when the game launches. These teams are just the beginning of what is to come to HCS this season.

Here are the nine Partnered teams:

This does not mean that franchising is coming to HCS – it is simply just Halo’s way of working with teams to help grow the esport. Also, none of these teams will have competitive advantages. There will be no auto-qualifications, bonus HCS points earned, or any advanced placements in tournaments.

For teams that missed out on this opportunity, there is still a chance to become partners. There were not exact details revealed on how to become one but it said that these nine teams are “investing significant funding into the Halo ecosystem.”

There is still room to grow for Halo esports and these teams are the front runners of this campaign. They will all have in-game content that is available to the players on the first day Halo Infinite is released.

The Halo team said, “The partnership with teams starts with in-game content where they will receive a significant share of the revenue. Each partnered team will have multiple bundles released within Halo Infinite, which the prior bundle being placed into the vault as the next one releases.” So get ready for tons of new skins, emblems, calling cards, and other in-game items for your favorite team.

The nine Launch Partner teams have invested heavily into HCS.

As stated in their blog post, the Halo team really wants to see HCS take off this upcoming season and wants you, the fans to get involved. They give some pointers on how to get involved, “On social media, you can be active by liking, sharing, and responding to their posts. They participate in games other Halo, but let’s make their Halo fans the most hardcore and passionate!”

In their blog post it says, Our next adventure in Halo is just around the corner, and we will have more exciting news to share including tournament/event information, competitive settings, and much more.” So fans can expect more details regarding exact dates and structure later this year as HCS is set to return in 2021.