Halo Infinite devs reveal Craig’s incredible glow-up in response to memes

Craig's original design in halo infinite343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Craig became one of 2020’s favorite memes, but now it looks like the big Covenant Brute has been given a makeover.

It was hard to go on social media and miss Craig’s big, bland, grey face after the release of the first Halo Infinite campaign trailer. The Brute became the focus of innumerable memes which were largely poking fun at Halo Infinite’s visuals.

While the game was still in development, Halo Infinite’s Craig bore the brunt of fan frustration over the game looking unpolished. But 343 Industries have worked hard to change fans’ minds, and this includes a makeover for the Brute’s unfortunate visage.

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Craig's new look in halo Infinite343 Industries
Craig following his glow-up.

Halo Infinite’s Craig receives glow-up

In a blog by 343, the devs have seemingly owned their mistake and have taken steps to rectify it and have a little fun in doing so. The official Xbox account tweeted the infamous Craig picture side-by-side with a newly updated render of the character.

Not only has the tweet made a lot of fans laugh, but it’s also been a clever way for Xbox to show how far Halo Infinite’s visuals have come since 2020. Craig’s “glow-up” may have turned a PR disaster into a marketing win for Xbox.

Halo Infinite devs have a “love-hate” relationship with Craig

As part of the same blog, two Halo Infinite designers revealed they have a love-hate relationship with Craig after the response to the 2020 trailer. Steve Dyck said:

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“The team has sort of a love-hate relationship with Craig. While it was fun to see the community gravitate towards Craig, he unfortunately represented some content and systems that were not ready for prime time in that demo. The positive outcome of Craig was that he was one of the factors in gaining some more time to finish work and get Brutes to a place where the team is happy with them.”

“This is one of the many positive examples of 343 working with and aligning with the Halo community around expectations. Players who look hard enough will still be able to find some evidence of Craig in Halo Infinite, his spirit lives on!”

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halo infinite sniper343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s visuals are looking pretty slick now.

With Bryan Repka adding, “Craig is in good hands, trust me! He has gone through some changes, but I am here to say that he has glammed up. Craig is feeling very good about himself and has fit back in well with the rest of his Brute friends. He has also picked up a new hobby and has done well for himself. Long live Craig!”

The devs have since released a new Halo Infinite campaign trailer, replacing the one which made Craig a household name.