Halo fans slam viral cat ears skin for "false advertising" - Dexerto

Halo fans slam viral cat ears skin for “false advertising”

Published: 29/Dec/2021 18:11

by André González Rodríguez


Halo Infinite fans are disgruntled after discovering that the game’s the new cat ear helmets are not interacting properly with the HCS pro teams skins.

The Winter Contingency update brought the festive spirit to Halo Infinite with Holiday-themed Armor, Weapon coatings, and more. But one thing in particular took home the Christmas cookies – and that was cat ears.

These cat ears allowed for players to bring out their feline side while shooting any enemies in their sights. The cosmetic, priced at $10, was part of the “Cat Lovers” bundle.

Even though this new fan-favorite brought a lot of Holiday cheer, it also unleashed some discontent, as players claim it does not properly interact with some skins.


Halo Infinite cat ears helmet preview
343 Industries
The Halo Infinite cat ears were an absolute hit upon release.

Halo fans claim “false advertising” over cat ears and HCS pro teams skins

First brought up by Reddit user spartan112g on the official Halo subreddit, it seems the newly added cat ears are not properly working with the HCS pro teams skins. The player claimed that it’s “literal false advertising in the shop.”

Spartan112g explained that they got to level 96 of the battle pass in order to unlock the helmet they wanted to put the cat ears on, and claimed that the shop showed that “it would work with the Spacestation Gaming armor.” Spacestation Gaming is one of the nine teams that are in the official league.

WARNING: Literal False Advertising in the Shop from halo

“It unequips the Spacestation [skin] when I put them on. THE SHOP LITERALLY SAID THIS WOULD WORK AND IS BULLS**T,” the Reddit user said. “[I] can’t even get a refund on this BS.”


Spartan112g’s complaints were supported by other Reddit users in the thread, as well: “I don’t understand why the HCS things don’t have a coating that can be applied separately from the kit, while we’re at it,” said one.

“Buying the Cloud9 kit and realizing I can’t customize any of the armor or guns was the first regret I had from this game,” said another. “ [I] would’ve refunded instantly if I could. Not planning to purchase anything until these dumb decisions get fixed.”

With the newly added cat ears being so beloved by fans, only time will tell if 343 will make take action.