Dead Space boss: How to defeat Leviathan

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The Leviathan is a colossal boss in the Dead Space remake that you’ll need to battle in two different encounters. Here’s how to defeat Leviathan in Dead Space.

You’ll hear a lot about the Leviathan in Dead Space before you see the beast in Chapter 6, but it won’t disappoint! The creature has taken up residence in the Ishimura’s Food Storage facility and has gorged itself on the supplies, becoming an enormous monster. The good news is Isaac Clarke and his trusty Plasma Cutter are on hand to take care of this epic boss.

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However, like all good space monsters, the Leviathan takes two separate boss fights to fully defeat. Below, we’ll talk you through the strategy of both encounters. Here’s how to defeat the Leviathan in the Dead Space remake.

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Isaac has a gigantic battle ahead of him.

How to beat Leviathan in Dead Space: First battle

When you finally get to enter Food Storage to get a glimpse of this beast you’ll notice everything is dark. Then the lights will come on, revealing the true size of this colossal foe. Try not to gawk at it for too long, as Leviathan will consider you its next meal.

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Your first task is to take out the tentacles while avoiding their attacks. The trick is to keep moving, but just enough to dodge them and counter-attack with your weapons. You can use the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle if you’ve upgraded them, if not, use the Contact Beam as the boss is weak against it. It won’t take much to destroy each tentacle node, just be careful not to waste the precious ammo.

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The Leviathan will start spitting out orange balls at you which will increase in rate as you destroy its tentacles. Once all tentacles are gone, the creature will then rely on the orange balls to attack you, shooting them out in volleys. The trick is to target the creature’s core following a volley.

You can use stasis to grab one of the balls and hurl it back at the creature, causing it to damage the core. Or you can simply shoot at the core and damage it that way. If you’re quick, you can shoot the balls as they are fired out of Leviathan, causing an explosion that will hurt the creature. You can even cause a chain reaction by blowing up one pod/ball and causing that to damage the rest of the boss itself.

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After enough hits to the core, the creature will be defeated and be blasted out of the airlock by Cross – just don’t expect this to be the last you see of it.

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Dead space leviathan second battleElectronic Arts
You can use the cannons to blast the boss off the array.

Second Leviathan battle

Unlike the original Dead Space, the Leviathan will return for a second battle later in the game. This time, the creature has attached itself to the ship’s hull and will need to be removed before it causes any more problems.

When the battle begins you’ll need to once again avoid the creature’s projectiles while making your way to each asteroid cannon. Some cannons will be covered in biological goo, so destroy the orange nodes to clear it and make the cannon operational. You can fire the cannons the same way you did with the ones in the trench, just aim at the beast’s orange weak spots and open fire.

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After each of Leviathan’s nodes has been destroyed, the cannon you’re using will be disabled, forcing you to move on to the next. Just rinse and repeat until the creature has sustained enough damage and loses its grip on the Ishimura. Fortunately, you have as many cannons as there are nodes, and they won’t break until they’ve made a successful hit.

The boss will then be sent hurtling into space, never to be seen again.

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