Dead Space: How to unlock alternate ending

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The Dead Space remake has a secret ending, but you’ll need to put in some work to see it. Here’s how to unlock the alternate ending in Dead Space.

Unlike the original game, the Dead Space remake has a secret, alternate ending, one that hints at Dead Space 2 and the wider threat of the Marker. It can’t be unlocked in your first playthrough, but when you reach New Game Plus, you can begin the process of unlocking it.

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Here’s what you need to do to see the extended and secret ending in the Dead Space remake. Naturally, spoilers exist below. So, only read on if you’ve already seen the default ending and now want to unlock the alternate version.

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You’ll need to collect mini figurines of the Marker to unlock the secret ending.

How to unlock the secret ending

First, beat the game on any difficulty and begin your second run. This is because the alternate ending can only be viewed in New Game Plus and not in your first playthrough.

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To unlock the secret ending you’ll need to collect each of the twelve Marker fragments scattered around the Ishimura. These figurines look like mini Markers and once you have all twelve, you’ll need to enter the Captain’s quarters and place them on the shine. You’ll then hear a noise confirming you’ve unlocked the alternate ending. Now, all you’ll need to do is to beat the game as normal, and on any difficulty.

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There’s generally one Marker fragment per chapter, however, you can collect multiple fragments in some chapters depending on which areas of the ship you explore first. You’ll also not be able to collect them all until the final chapter. This is when you’ll need to head to the Captain’s room.

We’d advise completing each of the side missions, as some will take you into the areas where Marker fragments are hiding. One quest involves you upgrading your security clearance to the maximum. This will also be a great help in tracking down the fragments.

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