Sykkuno explains why he’s not digging GTA RP as much but is still playing it

Sykkuno and his GTA RP character YunoTwitch: Sykkuno/Rockstar Games

Twitch star Sykkuno responded to claims from some viewers that he’s grown “bored” of GTA RP, noting that he just wants more exciting jobs and plans to unfold.

GTA RP burst back onto the Twitch scene in early 2021 with plenty of long-term roleplayers and big variety streamers getting involved from the jump.

Fans of Sykkuno wanted to see him make the leap, and while he was hesitant to do so at first, he eventually found himself roaming the criminal underworld of GTA RP.

He’s since become the go-to hacker for many criminal groups and continues to play GTA RP on a regular basis. However, some fans have suggested that he may be growing of the GTA 5 multiplayer mod as he’s been playing different games recently.

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GTA RP YunoNoPixel Wiki
Sykkuno’s Yuno character has become a star in GTA RP.

Well, speaking during the start of his July 16 stream, Sykkuno responded to those claims, noting that he just wants more exciting things to happen especially around the criminal activities that he’s involved in.

“I don’t know guys, I mean, other than getting money, the heists are not quite as exciting anymore,” Sykkuno said before some viewers took that to mean he’s bored of GTA RP.

“You sound like you’re bored of GTA? I don’t know if I’m like completely bored, but I do feel like a little… Obviously, most of our progression was trying to do all the banks and all that cool stuff, and since we’ve done most of that, there are not nearly as much things, you know? It’s been super fun though, I think.”

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Some fans suggested that he try out the other criminal jobs that are available around the city to fill his time, but Sykkuno said that they aren’t really for him.

He spoke not too long about progression for criminals going away, but the NoPixel devs have been rolling out updates since then, and there are still heists for Sykkuno and other criminals to crack, it just takes time for RP to play out.