GTA fans think leaked GTA 6 Vice City screenshots might actually be real

Vice City in Grand Theft Auto with updated graphicsTwitter: liltatowacho

Some Grand Theft Auto fans are convinced that the new ‘leaked’ screenshots of GTA 6’s map are real even though leakers have attempted to dismiss them.

To the annoyance of millions of fans around the world, Rockstar Games and Take-Two have remained pretty much silent on the topic of GTA 6, not even revealing if it’s being worked on yet.

That’s left fans seeking out information from elsewhere – be that searching for clues in GTA 5 and GTA Online or trusting the word of supposed leakers.

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Regardless of official sources not saying anything, it appears as if GTA 6 will be headed to Vice City and there have already been a few leaked ‘screenshots’ of the expanded map and in-game activities. While some fans have dismissed them as yet more fakes, some fans are convinced.

Leaked GTA 6 mapThe leaked map reveals players can go to strip clubs, play basketball, and more.

Over the past few weeks, numerous leaked ‘screenshots’ have surfaced online – some showing vehicles being used in the supposed new city, and others have focused more on the map you see when you pause the game.

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As these leaks have come out one after another, some fans have put them together to seemingly piece together parts of the map to create a full look at the new city. That’s sparked excitement in some fans who can’t help but point out that the new leaks link back to a few info drops from a few months back, with some even going back a year or so.

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