xQc claims GTA RP players are too “tryhard” during anticipated return

xqc staring at camera on twitch streamTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, known for his GTA RP escapades as Jean Paul, is back in the community. However the Twitch star wasn’t 100% pleased on his return, giving his honest opinions on the “tryhard” players in specific servers.

Popular streamer xQc has had a long history with GTA Online’s role-playing (RP) community. He was once a very active member, and was arguably one of the biggest personalities on NoPixel. But he made the decisive choice to quit the game earlier in 2022.

However the juicer warlord recently returned to GTA Online during a livestream on November 29, but was left rather disappointed by the multiplayer experience.

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During the stream, xQc is stuck in the back of a car, left completely at the whim of other players who were in the midst of a scenario. It wasn’t what he signed up for though, as he just wanted to settle back into the experience.

“Oh my f**king god, these guys are so try hard, it’s insane. I’m just looking for a place to do my settings.”

The other players proceed to lock him in a gate, trapped in the back of the car, then proceed to leave to go about their own business, which doesn’t involve xQc whatsoever.

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“Send it and come back or nah?” xQc asked them, as he’s wanting to actually play the game and not just be stuck in the back of the car.

“Just wait it out, two or three minutes. Just wait it out, it’s no big deal,” another player replied.

They then leave him alone, trapped with nothing to do. The popular streamer was disappointed, but managed to remain calm.

“We can create a scenario, but they decide to run off with a gun pointed to their head. It is what it is. At that point, it’s out of my control. I do not care that much. So I’m not mad. Try to play something, and it didn’t work out. Move next, move next scenario, who cares,” said xQc, while still stuck in the car.

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The streamer enjoys the creative aspects of roleplay, but the incredibly serious mentality of the other players left Lengyel rather disappointed.