When will xQc return to NoPixel? Twitch star unbanned early

xQc and his Jean Paul GTA RP characterTwitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is serving a fourth suspension from the NoPixel GTA RP server, but he doesn’t have long left until he’s free. In fact, Jean Paul has been let out of “jail” early.

The launch of NoPixel 3.0 has made GTA RP all the rage again on Twitch. The roleplaying server has attracted some of the biggest names in content creation, including xQc.

However, the former Overwatch League star has had a rocky go of things so far. He’s been banned on four separate occasions, his viewers have harassed other players, and he’s said that he’d never go back.

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Despite all that, he has pleaded with the devs to be unbanned, and while it looked like he’d have to serve his full 30-day suspension, he has managed to weasel his way to an early unban again.

xQc GTA RP NoPixel JailTwitch / xQcOW
xQc is no stranger to run-ins with the police on the NoPixel server.

Will xQc be unbanned from GTA RP?

Yes, xQc is getting unbanned from GTA RP — and it’s sooner than most people expected.

After being hit with a month-long ban on April 18, the Twitch star will be returning to NoPixel on April 30, two weeks before his ban was expected to end.

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“I am pleased to announce the official return of Jean Paul tomorrow night [April 30] at midnight,” he said on an April 29 stream.

“They know I’m dumb but I don’t have malicious intent most of the time. Whenever there is a rule break I get mald to the point where I do a rule break. All the Malding Andy’s who know I am back are going to report me for everything that is not a problem.”

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Some suspected xQc would wait for streamers to return from their GTA RP breaks, but the Twitch star is hungry to start dictating the story of Los Santos again.

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