Summit1g explains why he’s going to play less GTA RP on Twitch

Summit1g plays GTA OnlineRockstar Games/Twitch/Summit1g

Twitch legend Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is going to be spending a bit less time streaming GTA RP and his reasoning is pretty sound.

GTA RP has really exploded in popularity thanks to No Pixel’s server, with many of Twitch’s top streamers taking part such as xQc, LIRIK, MoonMoon, and more.

With so much hype surrounding the game, some players have been putting a lot of time into it, which can unfortunately lead to burnout.

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For Summit1g, this is his biggest concern and the reason why he’s going to be spending less time in GTA and a bit more with Sea of Thieves.

“I almost want to just swap my GTA with my Sea of Thieves as my night and main games,” the retired CSGO star explained. “Just for a little while.”

Summit1g is easily one of the top Sea of Thieves streamers out there, but with the rise of GTA RP, he hasn’t put as much time into Rare’s adventure game.

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According to Lazar, this would give him a bit of a breather – something he says he desperately needs before he gets “fully burned” on GTA.

“Like, X just got some days off and he’s chilling now,” he explained, referring to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s ban from the server. “That’s why he’s more excited than he’s been.”

Summit streaming on TwitchTwitch/summit1g
Summit1g is going to be streaming a bit less GTA RP.

That said, for Summit1g, he’s not so excited to be get into the GTA world right now, but believes it’s totally understandable.

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“This always happens! We will always burn out on games. This always, always, always happens,” he exclaimed. “Just how the cookie crumbles, man.”

Lazar went on to add that he likes to keep himself fresh on games, but admits that because he’s not a variety streamer so he will be back to revisit the games he has in his repertoire.

We’ll have to see how this soft break affects the GTA RP community and how long Summit1g can last until the burnout becomes a bit too much.

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