Valkyrae on verge of quitting GTA RP because of fans’ “bad vibes” ruining it

Valkyrae posing for a photo and a GTA v character robbing a storeInstagram: Valkyrae/Rockstar

Streaming star Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter revealed that she’s been cutting down on GTA RP after the “bad vibes” it brings in her chat but she’s not quitting for good.

After NoPixel’s 3.0 update, GTA RP has been the go-to game for many streamers across YouTube and Twitch. They’ve flocked to the multiplayer mod for roleplaying fun, even if they’re not able to join NoPixel’s server and have to go elsewhere. 

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However, the one thing about roleplay is that it brings plenty of headaches for streamers. Plenty of viewers will demand that they do what chat wants, rather than what their character is set up to do. 

It gets to a point where streamers, like Summit1G, start calling out toxic chatters and turning away from the game. Valkyrae, who seemingly had fun when she joined NoPixel, has cut down on GTA RP because of her chat. 

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GTA RP serverRockstar Games
GTA RP brings in massive viewership on Twitch.

During her short April 8 stream, the 100 Thieves co-owner was hit with questions about what games she’d be playing, even though she was just chatting and doing a Reddit recap. 

The topic of GTA RP was brought up and she wasn’t too receptive at first. “Imma be honest, I think I would have really enjoyed RP GTA 5 if I wasn’t streaming it, but, I don’t think it’s worth the bad vibes” Rae said. “Honestly, people say just ignore it but it kinda made me not care to play it anymore. 

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“I’m kind of over it, yeah. I’d rather just play Valorant or something, to be honest. I would just rather play something I’m having fun doing.”

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One suggestion was that she turn chat off and play without the headaches of constant messages, but she said that was a “lose-lose situation.” 

Additionally, the YouTube streamer stated that while she gets people want to see GTA RP, she’d rather play what she enjoys instead of what brings the most viewers because “viewership isn’t really the most important thing.”

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She’s been back on NoPixel since and had a lengthy session of criminal activities, so maybe her chat has heeded her calls to chill out a bit. We’ll have to wait and see if she sticks around further.

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