Summit1g slams NoPixel for 'trigger-happy' GTA RP bans: "There's more at stake nowadays" - Dexerto

Summit1g slams NoPixel for ‘trigger-happy’ GTA RP bans: “There’s more at stake nowadays”

Published: 26/Sep/2021 7:28 Updated: 26/Sep/2021 7:58

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar slammed admins on the NoPixel GTA RP server for being too ‘trigger-happy’ with handing out bans, claiming they need to be more cautious with livelihoods on the line.

Summit1g has been playing on the NoPixel GTA RP server on and off for several years now. In that time, he’s been involved in some of the greatest moments.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from criticizing it.

But his dissatisfaction with the server, or rather, the admins who run it, reached new heights after fellow streamer Bryce ‘HutchMF’ Hutchinson got banned for shooting another player who didn’t follow orders at gunpoint.


After hearing his account of the events, Summit1g slammed the admins for being too lax in banning people. He claimed they need to be more cautious because some streamers’ livelihoods are on the line.

Summit1g speedrun
Twitch: summit1g
Summit1g has been on and off the NoPixel GTA RP server for several years.

“There’s more at stake nowadays,” he said about the ban.

“It’s not just you get banned from a video game server. It’s like someone’s livelihood, someone’s job, is now on the line.

“You have to really look at that and say, ‘hey, did [they] do something so bad here that [they] get a three-day ban, or should we just have a quick conversation?’”


He explained that bans on the server could prevent streamers from earning a living. Not only that, but a 30-day ban could affect their whole career and cause “the entire thing that they’ve built [to] crumble.”

“Someone could lose everything if they’re off your server for too long. Your server is that beneficial to people. Livelihoods are legitimately at stake, and you really need to [consider] that. That is NVL [not valuing life], brother. That is NVL.”

The NoPixel GTA RP server admins have been known to overturn bans in some instances. In this case though, HutchMF had no choice but to serve his sentence, and Summit1g wasn’t too happy about it.


The good news for them, though, is that it was only a short-term ban.

While it impacted their content for three days, they’ll be back up to their usual shenanigans in no time. However, the broader issue remains unresolved.