Summit1g slams “ripoff” GTA RP Casino after losing $10k Blackjack hand

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Aug 10, 2021
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Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is no stranger to bad things happening to his character on NoPixel’s GTA RP server. This time, after backing himself to win a Blackjack hand with a $10,000 bet, it doesn’t exactly go to plan. 

When it comes to the NoPixel GTA RP server, Summit1g is definitely used to to crazy things happening to his character, Charles Johnson.

Whether it’s getting involved with heists, working as a police officer, or a multitude of other situations Chawa has been thrown into – he usually comes out on top. 

During his August 9 stream, Summit and fellow twitch streamer Judd decided to spend some time at the Diamond Casino and Resort owned by Dean Watson, who is played by Twitch streamer dwjft. After checking out the Blackjack table and losing over $10,000 in total, he wanted to speak to the dev team about a potential issue. 

Rockstar Games
There’s big money to be made at GTA RP’s Diamond Casino, but Summit1g has spotted a potential problem.

Summit1g calls GTA RP Casino a “scam”

After a few games of Blackjack, Summit decides to throw $10k on a hand. He was holding a 20 in a game of 21, so it looked inevitable that he’d go on to win. 

However, the tables turn as the dealer flicks over a nine of diamonds, taking them to a perfect 21 score. Naturally, the leader of the 1G Squad couldn’t believe it. Soon after, you could hear Summit yelling “WHAT?!”

“Yo DW (dev) you need to relook at your code, man” he said, implying the game is programmed to provide higher odds to the casino than normal. 

Second chance

In typical Summit fashion, he doesn’t stop there. He proceeds to deal another hand, putting down another $10k, and immediately loses that one to the dealer as well. 

As the variety streamer plays out the next hand, he moans “Yo, D. D. D. This whole thing is a ripoff man. Your whole shebang. You are ripping my money off of me, this doesn’t happen in real life.”

Summit1g seems to quit the casino

After losing another blackjack hand, Summit turns to Judd and says: “We can’t come back here ever again”.

The streamer – annoyed at his losses – went on to explain how he feels the odds of the casino are 60/40, and how that is higher than normal Blackjack odds.

“They’re F***ing you” he repeated as they got into their car. 

Summit may have lost a ton of money in this casino, but he’ll surely get it all back doing other missions around the server.

The question now is, will he actually stay away from the casino? After all, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.