Summit1g nearly gets GTA RP police officer killed in 100k prank

Alex Garton
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Twitch: summit1g/Rockstar Games

After failing to get away from the cops in GTA RP, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar attempted to bribe some local criminals with 100k in cash to free him from the authorities. Although the offer was intended as a joke, the prank took a turn for the worse extremely quickly.

It’s fair to say the NoPixel GTA RP server has taken over Twitch with countless personalities streaming the game to thousands of viewers. Without a doubt, the two most popular GTA RP streamers are Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Summit1g.

While xQc has only just been unbanned and allowed back onto NoPixel, Summit has been up to his usual antics on the roleplaying server.

During his April 12 stream, a failed bribe prank nearly resulted in the death of a police officer and potentially himself.

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Heists require extensive planning on NoPixel.

Summit’s 100k bribe prank goes horribly wrong

The attempted getaway

It’s not very often that Summit takes a backseat in a crime on GTA RP, but during his April 11 stream, he did exactly that. Instead of taking part in the job, Summit was assigned as the get-away driver and stayed with the vehicles while his crew picked up the cash.

It didn’t take long for the group to arrive in dramatic fashion and bundle onto the motorbikes to make a quick getaway. Although Summit planned an escape route, a mistake caused him and his partner to fall off their vehicle in a hilarious manner.

At that point, Summit knew he’d have to move to the backup plan and find a different way out.

Caught by the cops

Despite evading cops for a little while, it wasn’t long before the authorities had located the streamer and his partner. The pair attempted to escape through the station but were caught out by an officer on the stairs.

Both Summit and his partner were arrested and tasered on site. The police stuck them both in a cop car and began making their way to the station.

Although this is where the problems should have ended for the cops, the worse was yet to come.

 The 100k bribe

While Summit was on the way to the station with the cop, he spotted a group of criminals in the back of a car. As a joke, he decided to offer them $100,000 in cash to free him from the authorities, assuming they’d ignore him and carry on driving.

Unfortunately, the armed criminals decided to take up Summit on his offer and began ramming the police car off the road. Realizing that the criminals were not going to stop, the police officer pulled over to confront them.

It was at this point that the pair of masked men jumped out of the car and pulled out guns, demanding that the streamer was to be released. It was only when Summit revealed that he didn’t have any cash that the criminals made a getaway.

The scenario was certainly a close call for both Summit and the police officer, it’s lucky the armed criminals decided to let them go after they realized he had no money.

Either way, the whole heist had some absolutely hilarious moments and shows exactly why GTA RP is so entertaining to watch. Let’s hope Summit gets involved with another crime as soon as possible and hopefully, he can pull it off in future.