Rockstar fans confused after Square Enix appears to “leak” GTA 6

Cloud Strife looks up at the GTA 6 logoSquare Enix/Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans eager for news on the highly anticipated GTA 6 were shocked after Japanese gaming company Square Enix appeared to leak the game’s existence completely out of nowhere.

GTA 6 is easily one of the most anticipated games of all time, with players around the globe waiting for Rockstar to finally unveil the next installment in the franchise.

While there hasn’t been any concrete news from the gaming juggernaut officially and Rockstar has yet to announce the game, another of the most popular companies in the industry seems to have taken matters into their own hands.

In a survey sent to gamers asking which upcoming titles they had heard of, Square Enix included GTA 6 as an option for players to check off. Not even in our final fantasies could we have seen this coming.

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Other games included were The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Back 4 Blood, Battlefield 2042, and Elden Ring just to name a few. Still, all of those games have actually been announced, which makes GTA 6’s inclusion a bit strange.

“Uhh what do you guys know that we don’t?” a Twitter user asked Square while posting a screenshot of the survey. “Your survey is looking pretty sus.”

Other users were equally as confused about the “leak” as the original poster.

“GTA 6 has never been confirmed to be in development. Nobody else sees anything wrong with this list?” another remarked.

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The news quickly spread to Reddit where users on the GTA 6 subreddit speculated on what this could mean, but seemed to agree that it was unlikely Square Enix knew anything about GTA 6.

“I mean it’s interesting but I don’t see how Square Enix would know anything about GTA 6,” one of the top-voted comments said.

“It’s obvious that GTA 6 will release eventually so I don’t think this survey meant anything of importance,” a fellow Redditor hypothesized.

Square Enix “announcing” GTA 6 is sort of similar to how Netflix France claimed the game was “coming soon” in a bizarre Twitter thread from back in April. Why a company not connected to Rockstar would make an announcement is certainly a bit odd.

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As far as actual leaks go, the latest comes from Tom Henderson, a prominent and established leaker in the Call of Duty scene who claimed that the game could be held back to 2025 at the latest.

As always take all these leaks with a grain of salt until we get some official word, but it’s clear that even rival companies are eagerly awaiting GTA 6 to finally be unveiled.