Rapper’s new ‘GTA 6’ song sparks Rockstar announcement speculation

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 mockup box art

GTA 6 reveal speculation is mounting yet again after a Florida rapper released a new song that fans think could be featured in the new game.

The long-awaited official announcement of GTA 6 has been alluding fans for years at this point, but reports have suggested that 2023 could finally be the year Rockstar pulls back the curtain.

Amid a series of major leaks last year that confirmed a return to Vice City, a female protagonist, and more, the excitement has been higher than it ever has for the next installment in the GTA franchise.

Now, Miami-based rapper SpaceGhostPurrp has added fuel to the inferno of hype by releasing a new song called “Grand Theft Auto 6.”

Is a GTA 6 song teasing an official reveal?

Earlier in March, SpaceGhostPurrp uploaded a song to SoundCloud titled “Grand Theft Auto 6” and the community has begun to wonder if this could be a sign.

In a post on Reddit, a user pointed out that the rapper is from Florida and with GTA 6 taking place in Vice City, there’s a chance the two could be connected.

“Probably something, most likely nothing BUT would be cool for them to go out and get rappers, artists, etc from Miami to have songs and such with that vibe,” another player remarked. “Floridians know it best!”

Another responded by agreeing with the statement, saying that it would make the game “even more authentic.”

Others shared similar sentiments on YouTube. One fan commented, “He should have music in the new GTA since it might be in Vice City.”

That all said, it could just be a big coincidence. Notably, rapper 50 Cent sparked his own GTA 6 speculation after a series of deleted Instagram posts featuring Vice City.

As it turns out, the posts were actually to tease a Paramount Plus show called “Vice City,” so it’s important to keep expectations in check. Regardless, with reports claiming GTA VI could be released in 2024, hopefully, we hear something concrete in the months ahead.