50 Cent’s GTA 6 tease was actually for ‘Vice City’ Paramount Plus show

Josh Tyler
GTA background with 50 Cent

A recent teaser from 50 Cent had fans convinced he was appearing in GTA 6 – but it turns out the rapper is actually collaborating on a Vice City show.

With no evidence or rumors about the state of GTA 6 coming to light – not even a title or a release date -fans of the famous video game franchise have become understandably frustrated.

The lack of information has led some would-be detectives to search for clues about anything related to the next game in the series in GTA 5, GTA Online updates, even marketing for other Rockstar games.

When rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently posted a cryptic Instagram post referencing “Vice City,” fans got excited that he could be involved with the next Grand Theft Auto game, which was rumored to be set in the fictional Vice City.

50 Cent’s teaser was about an upcoming Vice City show

But GTA fans were disappointed by a new Gamespot report that 50 Cent’s teaser was not related to the next game, but instead a new show that will be airing on Paramount Plus.

According to Gamespot, the story follows “three friends, former soldiers, who come home to Miami in the mid-’80s after a dishonorable discharge following the Iran Contra scandal.”

The show is apparently unrelated to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

50 Cent GTA 6 header

That news was certainly not well-received by GTA fans, who took to social media including the game’s subreddit to voice their disappointment… or revel in being right that this tease was unrelated to the next game.

“Well it did say TV show in the Instagram post haha, honestly don’t even know how everyone thought it was GTA tease,” one crowed.

Fans will have to wait a bit longer to get any information about GTA 6.