Former GTA RP NoPixel server dev DW is suing owner Koil for considerable sum

Brad Norton
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A former developer on GTA RP’s most popular server, NoPixel, DW is suing the platform’s founder, Koil over ownership disputes following an abrupt termination of their partnership.

Over the past few years, many GTA role-playing servers have come and gone. Though NoPixel continues to stand tall as the game’s most popular place to become a new character and live through their virtual eyes.

At the peak of its popularity, hundreds of thousands would be watching along daily as social media superstars all jumped into the fan-favorite server with swarms of players all wanting to gain access too.

Throughout its reign atop the RP charts, NoPixel has racked up millions in revenue, owing to its immense popularity. It’s no small operation and as a result, various developers have been recruited to help improve the server and keep it all afloat.

Among the hires made by its founder Koil, was Danny Tracey, best known to the community as DW. Though following a fruitful partnership, one which saw DW working on integral features and components both in plain view and under the hood, the software developer is now taking his former business partner to court.

As revealed in early May, through a lawsuit filed in the US District Court of California on April 10, NoPixel is being sued by DW.

Over the course of nearly three years, from early 2020 to the end of 2022, the lawsuit outlines DW’s contributions to the NoPixel server. While working on a range of key features to keep the popular server thriving at its peak, DW also allegedly developed perhaps the most important aspect of all: its funding pipeline.

“Mr. Tracey designed and created the entire payment processing system utilized by the NoPixel server, which has facilitated the processing of millions of dollars in payments,” the lawsuit reads.

However, despite the server’s popularity and a seemingly thriving business model, it apparently wasn’t all going to plan behind the scenes. Personal conflicts bubbled up and Koil, NoPixel’s founder, allegedly terminated DW’s contract, though failing to communicate as much at the time.

“Mr. Tracey received no notice of his termination whatsoever,” the legal document claims. In light of this, DW logged back into the NoPixel server “as he normally would – completely unaware that such action could technically constitute unauthorized access to the NoPixel server.”

NoPixel is by and large the most famous GTA RP server.

It was due to this login, after having been terminated, that a statement was issued to all role players in December 2022.

“Today NoPixel experienced unauthorized access to users private information from a former NoPixel employee. The employee had already been terminated at the time of the unauthorized access yet was able to access and export information before user permissions could fully be removed.”

As a result of this miscommunicated termination, the subsequent server login from DW, along with a more convoluted dispute over ownership stakes due to the nature of DW’s working agreement under business management company TOVE, this lawsuit has been filed.

DW is seeking not only a minimum sum of $150,000, but also for a great deal more due to the aforementioned agreement. As part of DW’s deal, TOVE was seemingly promised “50% of revenue” from NoPixel during the time of the deal.

The final fee is “to be determined at trial,” though an exact date for the initial hearing is yet to be publicized.

Hours after news spilled out online, DW returned on social media to thank his fans and outline his next steps.

“Looks like everyone knows why I have been so quiet. I’ve been advised to just kick back and take a vacation while they handle things. Now that the lawsuit is public, all I can say is thank you for all the amazing support, it truly means a lot. More news soon.”

We’ll update this story with any further developments.

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