NoPixel owner Koil responds to $150,000 lawsuit from former dev DW

Koil from NoPixel side-by-side with DW character in GTA RpKoil/DW

NoPixel owner Koil has responded to the lawsuit brought against him by former dev DW where he’s seeking around $150,000 following his abrupt termination from the server. 

While a number of new servers have popped up during GTA RP’s boom period, NoPixel remains the most popular out there. Though, the server has gone through some turbulent times as of late.

Recently, a number of female streamers have spoken out about their treatment from other players on the server, prompting a few to leave and be banned. Others, including the hugely popular PENTA, have moved over to IgniteRP, with PENTA himself citing issues with the admin team and owner of NoPixel, Koil. 

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On top of that, Koil has been sued by former NoPixel dev Daniel ‘DW’ Tracey over wrongful termination, money owed to him, and the IP behind some of the stuff he developed for the server. 

NoPixel’s Koil addresses lawsuit from GTA RP dev DW

Responding to the lawsuit on his May 3 stream, the NoPixel owner said that it isn’t the “first thing we’ve received” and is actually the fourth or so. “They’ve all been pretty much burnt,” he said. 

“Sorry you’re not going to get much out of it boys, that’s all you’re going to see because really it’s going to go nowhere like the other load of s*it,” Koil added. “Also, I have no idea who TOVE is by the way chat, absolutely no idea. 

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“This stuff is crazy. It reminded me of NoPixel court cases because it’s a whole load of clout s*it over and over again and our lawyers have had a good laugh at it so far.”

Koil further stated that he’s “certain” nothing will happen with regard to the lawsuit, but suggested he may speak out further down the line. 

“DW tweeted? Listen, doesn’t surprise me that rats come out from the rocks when there are ratty things to do brother,” he said. “If the lawyers give me the OK with the s*it that I’ve got, you guys are going to p*ss your pants, trust me.”

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It ultimately remains to be seen how it all plays out with both sides digging in.

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