What is IgniteRP? GTA RP server rivals NoPixel as streamers switch

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GTA RP streamers have been flocking to IgniteRP, a new server that has taken the interest of some of NoPixel’s biggest streamers. So, here’s what you need to know.

Over the last few years, when GTA RP has had its rise on Twitch and YouTube, there is typically only one server that streamers want to play on – NoPixel. 

The popular roleplaying server has been around for years and has constantly proven to be the biggest out there. Though, there have been a few streamers who have ventured away from it in recent times. 

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Some have cited burnout with roleplay in general, while others want to start a new character elsewhere. The most popular of these new servers has been IgniteRP, a server that has pretty much everything that NoPixel offers, but with one big twist. 

What is IgniteRP? New GTA RP server

Given that GTA 5 is set in modern-day Los Santos – or, you know, Los Angeles – most of the GTA RP servers follow suit and have up-to-date cars, technology, and everything else you can think of.

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What makes IgniteRP different, though, is the fact it is set in the 1980s and everything is dialed back just a little compared to other servers. That’s right, everything has an 80’s theme about it, including classic cars, roller skates to get around, and character clothing. 

It still follows the same rules as some of the big servers – you have to talk, stay in character, and all that good stuff – but it’s done in the 80s. 

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Which NoPixel streamers are on IgniteRP? 

As noted, a few streamers have already gotten involved with IgniteRP alongside their quests in NoPixel, including the likes of Penta, Kyle, Blaustoise, and Kiwo. 

Others have revealed that they’ve applied to get involved with the server, though there are plenty of NoPixel regulars that are sticking with their server. 

How to join IgniteRP GTA RP server

Getting involved with Ignite Roleplay is pretty similar to other servers, as it operates on FiveM and you have to be accepted through the application process to join. It isn’t just open to everyone.

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To put in an application, you have to be a member of the IgniteRP Discord server, and then fill out the application form on their website. Like NoPixel and others, there is a way to pay to have your application expedited, but it usually takes a few weeks otherwise. 

  1. Join the IgniteRP Discord server
  2. Head over to the IgniteRP website
  3. Click the ‘Apply’ section
  4. Fill out the application form 
  5. Wait to see if you get accepted!

It remains to be seen if the server will ultimately take more players away from NoPixel, but it has certainly created a unique niche for itself.

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