NoPixel owner Koil says GTA RP player SavX faked his own death

GTA RP player SavX never to Memorial in NoPixel serverTwitch: Ramee / Twitter: @TobiiDK

Popular GTA RP player SavX allegedly faked his own death, according to NoPixel owner Koil. After a month of suspicion, the server owner claims they have evidence that the user is alive. 

In January 2021, the Grand Theft Auto roleplaying community was stunned when it was reported that the user behind popular character Johnny Cassle – ‘SavX’ – had passed away. Players mourned the loss, even holding an in-game memorial for the Twitch streamer.

It came as a shock then when six months later NoPixel owner Koil confirmed that Sav was alive during his June 9 stream. According to the server owner, an investigation has confirmed that the player had not actually died at the start of the year.

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SavX NoPixel GTA RP Johnny CassleTwitch: SAVx
The popular GTA RP player was reported to have passed away in December 2020.

NoPixel owner confirms GTA RP player SavX faked own death

On the NoPixel server, SavX roleplayed as the popular character Johnny Cassle. The Los Santos arms dealer faced intense backlash from the community in November 2020 however when he was banned for using an aimbot in-game. Following the controversy, the content creator disappeared from the internet, before it was announced that the player had died a few months later.

In a June 2021 update by owner Koil, an investigation revealed that the Twitch streamer actually never passed away. “We got someone to investigate some s**t, like hired a guy. And it’s 100% confirmed that he’s alive. There’s literally zero doubt. Actual evidence,” he said.

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The admin then added that while there had been suspicions in the past that SavX was still alive, he could now confirm that he faked his death. “But we know everything about him, names, addresses, all that s**t. There is actually ZERO doubt he faked his death.”

A timeline of SavX NoPixel GTA RP controversy

SavX supposed death was first reported on January 14, 2021 when emails were sent out to NoPixel community members. The messages were claimed to have been from the streamer’s family who were informing friends of his passing.

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Twitch partner Nidas posted about the shocking news in a viral tweet explaining, “It was made aware to me yesterday that Sav has passed away.” In a Twitlonger, he clarified, “I received an answer yesterday from his brother.”

Players mourned the loss of the beloved streamer, and many users honored Sav’s iconic character Johnny Cassle in-game. There was even a memorial held in the GTA RP server itself.

NoPixel developer Tobii uploaded an image of the tribute on Twitter, stating, “Said I wouldn’t update this again, yet here we are. It sucks that this list is getting longer and longer.” Here, you can clearly see SavX’s name.

While there have been community members who were doubtful of the player’s death since it was announced, the whole story fell under scrutiny in May 2021 when there had allegedly been activity on SavX’s social media accounts.

According to images posted online, someone had logged into the player’s Discord and messaged his friend and popular streamer Ramee. In the screenshot, SavX can be seen saying: “I just wanted to be done with the whole community and all that s**t. Gotta remember – knew people in the community outside of it too. So even if I continued life I just didn’t wanna [f**k with] them. PogO, hold it down.”

Ramee then reportedly replied, “Bro you realize people cried over you. You were one of my closest friends bro. People made murals and everything. You just come back after like 6 months and act like nothing has happened. Wtf is wrong with you lmao.”

Reportedly leaked Discord messages from SAVx Reportedly leaked Discord messages from SAVx

It should be pointed out, no one can verify whether these messages are 100% real. At the time of writing, no one has been able to fully authenticate that Sav was actually the one responding in these messages.

This leads us to June 9 2021 when NoPixel’s Koil aimed to finally set the story straight once and for all. During his Twitch broadcast, the owner stressed that there was now “zero doubt” that the player was alive and that he “faked his death.”

While the server owner was confident in his statement based on evidence from an investigation, he told viewers that they would not be releasing any of the info as it would be doxxing SavX.

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