Moonmoon returns to GTA RP NoPixel but says he’s “on vacation”

André González Rodríguez
moonmoon playing gta

After a five-month hiatus, Twitch streamer Moonmoon made his return to the NoPixel GTA RP server in a really unique way.

As a streamer known for mainly playing two characters in both of his roleplay stints, he decided to ditch both of them and play as himself “on vacation in Los Santos”.

Towards the latter half of his December 9 stream, Moonmoon paid a visit to this new “GTA MMO” as the streamer put it. Not being a stranger to the roleplay scene himself, the RP player has made waves both in terms of viewership and in the amount of seriousness he puts in it.

He was most notably known for his character Yung Dab in the first initial GTA RP boom back in 2019, making his comeback two years later in 2021 as a security officer turned police officer, Lenny Hawk.

Both of Moonmoon’s GTA RP stints were fairly brief with his Yung Dab character lasting around three months while his Lenny Hawk character nearly doubled that at six. Naturally, this made a return like this very exciting for both the streamer’s audience and GTA RP fans alike.

It wasn’t the usual return though, as both Yung Dab and Lenny Hawk weren’t coming back, instead, Mitch Moonmoon was making his introduction — he was playing as himself. 

Moonmoon returns to GTA RP Nopixel as… himself

It was a hectic start, after placing his wife and son on the bed prior to him leaving the Alta Street Apartments, the character quickly found himself in a predicament. At one of the parking lots surrounding the apartment, he encountered a character named Tony. 

Moonmoon walked to Tony and commented on his gun “is that a gun?” stating that this was his “internal monologue” as it was based on a “real-life happening.”

“Hey, I really like your gun. Are you a licensed gun owner?” he addressed Tony. At first, Tony was cordial with him and played along, noticing that Moonmoon was just playing as himself. This first encounter quickly got intense as another popular character, Mike Block and the rest of his Block gang showed up, asking Moonmoon if he wanted to see a mayor “smoke crack and f*** a hooker”.

At first, he said yes, but ultimately it wasn’t by choice. 

The rest of the stream was just that. Moonmoon was forcibly taken by the Block gang to what was a slandering of a mayor prior to his campaign, as well as several interactions that only Moonmoon playing as himself would deal with. 

He even included some jabs to famous political Twitch streamer Hassan when another player mentioned capitalism and how “the people who complain the most about capitalism are benefitting from it the most.” From there, he just kept hanging out with people he encountered until the stream’s end.

Moonmoon returned to his wife and son, turned on his stream, and explained how it was a crazy day, to his chat. 

It’s not a foregone conclusion if Moonmoon’s return to GTA RP is part of a long-term plan, but one thing’s for certain, it’s always appreciated when he does decide to play a character in NoPixel. Even if it’s himself.