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How to get free GTA Online 4/20 day rewards: Rare clothes, vehicle upgrades & more

Published: 17/Apr/2021 15:28

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games will be celebrating 4/20 day with a few free gifts in GTA Online, but you’ll have to act fast and not be a slouch if you want to get your hands on them.

Over the last few years, Rockstar has been celebrating different special days and weeks in GTA Online with free content. 

At Christmas, for example, Los Santos is usually covered in snow and there are free gifts to be claimed while the 4th of July usually means fireworks make their return and there’s some free US-flag draped clothes or vehicles up for purchase. 

April 20th might not be a holiday like those, but the 4/20 is significant to plenty of people. This year, Rockstar will be joining in the celebrations with a few free gifts and rewards too. However, you could miss out if you don’t jump into a game. 


GTA Online characters with christmas clothes next to a christmas tree
Rockstar Games
Rockstar celebrate plenty of special days in GTA Online.

How to get free GTA Online 4/20 gifts & items

The 4/20 day celebrations in Los Santos aren’t going to be as big as Christmas or July 4th, but it’s always fun to get some free gifts. 

All you have to do is simply log in on April 20 and spend an hour or so roaming around Los Santos. Just for logging into GTA Online you’ll get the free Fake Vapid T-Shirt and Black Rockstar Camo & White Rockstar Camo Shirts but if you hit up different stores you can get more.

If you visit Ammu-Nation, you can get the “extraordinarily rare” High Flyer Parachute Bag. Clothing stores like Binco, Suburban, and Posenbys will have the Green Space Horror Suit for free as well. Additionally, Los Santos Customs will be offering Green Tire Smoke as a freebie too. 


  1. Log into GTA Online on April 20th
  2. Head to Ammu-Nation for a parachute bag
  3. Visit a clothing store for a Green Space Horror Suit
  4. Go to Los Santos Customs for free Tire Smoke
  5. Enjoy your rewards!
GTA online character with high flyer parachute bag
YouTube: Chaotic
The High Flyer parachute bag will be up for grabs on 4/20.

As another bonus, if you tackle the Cayo Perico heist and happen to come across some marijuana, you’ll get a double payout for that as well.

These bonuses will only be active for the duration of April 20th, so make sure you log in and claim what you can. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting another year for some free 4/20 themed gifts.