GTA 5 players fear Mors Mutual Insurance is going bankrupt

gta online mors mutual insuranceRockstar Games

Rockstar Games is always adding things – big and small – to GTA 5 and it leaves players thinking many of those details could be teasing future changes. In some cases, they’re proven right, and the latest theory is that Mors Mutual Insurance is under financial threat. 

There are many companies operating in the world of Grand Theft Auto, with GTA Online fans having the option to buy different properties and vehicles.

With so many griefers running around Los Santos and surrounding areas, though, it’s always been important to have a solid insurance plan in case the worst thing happens – your vehicle gets blown up.

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However, those insurance policies would be null and void if the company somehow folded. And, well, some players are concerned that might be about to happen.

GTA Online jet grieferRockstar Games
GTA 5 griefers cause more Mors Mutual Insurance payouts than anybody.

Mors Mutual Insurance under threat in GTA 5?

On April 16, Reddit user Cometeorz discovered that areas of the business’ offices had been listed as ready to lease.

“Today I found out that Mors Mutual Insurance is financially struggling,” they said, as the rest of the thread was filled with comments.

One other user joked: “When they replace your 6 million dollar flying Russian gunship for $1000, its no wonder they’re struggling.” Not exactly the most solid business model, it must be said, but they’ve made it this far.

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There are many theories out there about why this may be the case, and in terms of a timeframe on how long these signs have been there, it would be hard to say.

“They are not struggling. Most of them work from home now,” one posted, while another said: “I really don’t know how they’ve survived this long.”

While their future remains somewhat up in the air, live without an insurance firm in GTA 5 would certainly be a struggle. Imagine having your $4 million vehicles blown up and get nothing in return… Nobody would have anything!

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