How to get cheaper ammo in GTA Online with simple trick

Published: 19/Jul/2020 13:49

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have got some clever tips in getting cheaper ammunition for their weapons that might also save going on a lengthy trip to Ammu-Nation. 

As you’d expect, GTA Online has got a huge arsenal of weapons that players can use in order to complete missions, cause mayhem on NPCs, and even gun down their fellow players. 

These include the completely assault rifles, pistols, and submachines gun as well as the weird and wacky laser rifles and explosive guns. Though, keeping your selection of weapons stocked up with ammo can be a bit of a pain – especially if you find yourself mid-mission and running low. 

However, some players have got a clever clip that allows them to save nearly half the price on using the action and inventory menu to source some new ammo.

Rockstar Games
Having enough ammo is key in GTA Online.

The tip comes via Reddit user Vic__B, who noted that while you can head to Ammu-Nation to grab ammo, you can also start up a mission or job from your phone and stock up there instead. 

By starting one of these contact missions, you will be dropped into the pre-job menu and have the option to purchase a complete stock of ammo. 

While it might come with a big price tag – especially if you’ve got a whole lot of weapons to your name – you will actually save around 40% compared to buying magazines from the action and inventory menu.

TIP: When you want to buy ammo, launch any contact mission and buy "full ammo", it’s cheaper than the interaction menu 🙂 from gtaonline

The method might a bit longer than the action and inventory menu, by starting a job you will cut out the need to plan a route to the nearest Ammu-Nation store, which is a godsend if you’re out in the sticks.

Though, if you do want to head to Ammu-Nation, you will save money compared to the action and inventory menu but it will the same price as following the contact mission method.


GTA Online players’ attempt to race without tires ends in disaster

Published: 19/Jan/2021 18:03

by Michael Gwilliam


GTA Online is home to some of the best shenanigans in gaming, and two players’ attempt to race their cars without tires is a perfect example of craziness that goes down in San Andreas.

Races in GTA Online are pretty self-explanatory – get from point A to point B before your opponent can to win. Of course, having a better car with superior speeds and handling can pay dividends. But what about racing without tires?

Two players decided to try that out and the results speak for themselves. As you can see in the Reddit clip uploaded by user viscouslance, it’s a far cry from the intense racing you may have come to expect from Grand Theft Auto.

With each player driving at a pace that is likely miles below the speed limit, it’s more akin to watching turtle races than the latest Fast and Furious movie.

GTA online stock cars racing
Rockstar Games
Races in GTA are normally done with tires.

Hilariously though, right as the “race” began to get a bit interesting with both players neck-and-neck, the red car smashed into oncoming traffic resulting in a multi-car collision.

Even without tires and a relatively low speed, the red car started flying, spinning and doing barrel rolls like it was a Star Fox game.

At this point the video ended, but viscouslance did provide some additional details on what happened during the rest of the race.

We decided to race with no tires from gtaonline

“We did probably 3 quarters I’d say from where we started to the facility at the top left corner of the map,” they explained.

The tireless adventures aren’t stopping at just cars either. As the user noted, they plan on trying races with tireless buses and eventually motorcycles.

As for why the two players decided to race without tires, it just comes down to keeping GTA feel fresh all these years later.

GTA Online leak next-gen consoles
Rockstar Games
GTA Online doesn’t have to be all about heists.

“We do stuff like this all the time to keep our interest in the game. It’s sorta why I’ve been playing for all these years,” they said.

If this race is any indication of what’s to come, we can’t wait to see what happens when the two try their luck with buses or motorcycles.