San Andreas remake with modern graphics shows how a new GTA could look

Connor Bennett
The GTA San Andreas logo with a screenshot of Grove Street

Three Grand Theft Auto fans have remade the classic San Andreas map using Unreal Engine 4, and to say that it looks stunning might be an understatement – especially as it could be something for Rockstar to follow with GTA 6.

Even though GTA V and GTA Online remain incredibly popular with Grand Theft Auto fans, the nostalgia for games like GTA IV, Vice City, and San Andreas remains. So much so that fans have even come up with the idea of Rockstar taking all of the classic maps and shoving them into one for GTA 6.

While that seems pretty unlikely, it hasn’t stopped some fans from taking a swing at bringing the classic maps into the modern-day. 

A group of friends have even unveiled the stunning result of their project to put GTA: San Andreas onto the Unreal Engine system and it might just have you begging for a remastered version.

San Andreas is the iconic GTA game for many fans.

The jaw-dropping result comes from the ArcadiaSquad trio of Santiago Ibarra, Fabian Álvarez, and Juan David Góngora who came up with the idea of remaking the original Los Santos map from San Andreas back in 2016.

Though, they didn’t make a start on their project until 2019 after solving their problem of not having the entire map to use as a foundation for the rebuild. “We finally managed to recreate the entire world of GTA SA in Unreal Engine and here is the result,” reads the description of their video.

Just by watching the video, you can see just how good the iconic map looks. There’s even an updated version of Grove Street with CJ’s home.

While the map might take your breath away, it is only in beta – as some eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot some graphical glitches where you can tell that the map isn’t fully polished up.

Yet, that means that the trio’s rebuild could look seriously more stunning in the future and we haven’t even got to get a good look at places in Los Venturas either. Just imagine how good the airport and casinos will look after some polishing.