Hilarious GTA Online trick puts new spin on classic car prank

Connor Bennett
Masked GTA Online characters getting into a car

A GTA Online player pulled off a dastardly prank on their fellow players by putting a new spin on one of the old trickiest in the book.

[jwplayer M2iRw99J]

Even though the goal of GTA Online is to pretty much build up your criminal empire and have a nice car collection, there are quite a number of ways to play.

You can be an ultra-serious grinder who logs on and does jobs for eight hours a day, or you can have a little more fun with it. Players who have a little more fun with things can go a bit too far and become an out and out troll with their MK II Oppressor, but most players keep it simple for the most part.

That included YouTuber SpeirsTheAmazingHD, who put a new spin on the classic Ignition Bomb prank by getting a Cargoob involved. 

A Cargobob helicopter lifting a car in GTA Online
The Cargobob is central to a number of GTA Online pranks.

Since the start of GTA Online, the Ignition Bomb has been used to get one over on players who want to steal your car. Though, in the case of the YouTuber, he didn’t leave his car on the side of the road.

Instead, he carried his expensive and unique looking ride around Los Santos using a Cargobob helicopter, and asked unsuspecting players if they’d do him a favor by following him while driving the car.

Anyone who accepted had the car dropped nearby, but once they got inside and turned the engine over, they found themselves headed for a respawn because they’d fallen victim to the classic prank. 

As SpeirsTheAmazingHD showed, plenty of players fell for the prank because they wanted to hop inside his nice car and take it for a spin. 

Most of them took it on the chin too, realizing they’d been played by the classic trick. At least now, when someone asks if you’ll drive their car and follow their Cargobob, you might be a little wiser to what’s going on.

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