GTA Online: Cheapest ways to counter the Oppressor MKII

Rockstar Games

MKII Oppressor hoverbikes can be absolute nightmares for Grand Theft Auto Online players, but there are a few cheap counters that you can use. 

Anyone who has dropped into a public session of GTA Online will, more than likely, have come into contact with an MKII Oppressor. The hoverbike has been a thorn in the side of players since it was first released back in 2018.

The Oppressor is the vehicle of choice for griefers who take to their ‘broom stick’ and buzz about Los Santos, firing missiles from the skies. Thankfully, there are a few ways to counter them but you will need some cash to do so.

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Here, we’ve picked out a few of the best cheap counters to the MKII Oppressor’s so that you can get on with your day and not have it ruined by trolls. 

Rockstar Games
The Oppressor is the most annoying vehicle to fight in GTA Online.

Heavy Sniper, Minigun, or Explosive Sniper

You might that a car might be the cheapest counter, or getting a jet for free from Fort Zancudo, but if you can rack up some ridiculous costs by dying over and over. 

The hoverbike can actually be damaged and destroyed with weapons like the Heavy Sniper, Minigun, and Explosive Sniper. Obviously, you’ll need to be a bit of a deadeye to pull shots off but it’s certainly cheaper than shelling out seven figures on a car. 

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Rockstar Games
Yes, sniper rifles can be a counter to the Oppressor.


Speaking of dropping seven figures on a car, some players have found that the Nightshark is a bit of a perfect counter. You may ask why is that the case given that it doesn’t have any weapons attached.

Well, if you spend the $1,245,000 needed to buy the armored car, you can withstand plenty of damage from the Oppressor’s missiles. If someone is focused on finishing you off, you can simply wait for them to get close and throw a sticky bomb at them. 

If you manage to pull off the throw and hit your enemy with the sticky bomb, you easily hit the detonator and watch their bike explode. It is a truly magical sight if it comes off.

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Rockstar Games
Nightsharks might look like a seriously expensive purchase at first, but it’s well worth trying.

Rogue jet

Now, if you’re more adept at taking to the skies, the Rogue fighter jet can outrun the hoverbike pretty quickly and even take to heights that it can’t.

It does come with a $1,596,000 price tag, but if you have a decent enough flying skill, you’ll be able to dodge any rockets that come your way. You can even save $300,000 on the price by owning a hangar and completing 6 Steal Cargo jobs.

Rogue jet from GTA OnlineRockstar Games
You can outrun the Oppressor with the Rogue.

Obviously, these prices can fluctuate depending on the weekly discounts that Rockstar decides to roll out.

So, while you’re bolstering your Maze Bank account,  it is worth keeping an eye on them as well when they are released each Thursday. 

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